Earrings, part one

In preparation for this new site, I’ve been trying to get things a bit more organized. My first step was to purchase jewelry trays to put everything in, so it’s compact and transportable.

Shopping cart buttons coming soon; in the meanwhile, please email orders [at] lakotacreations [dot] com with a description of what you’re interested in. Paypal is our preferred payment method.

Today’s offering is a selection of earrings:

Beaded Earrings

These earrings are all hand beaded on surgical steel ear wires.

Up in the top right, 3 types of dangling earrings:

Top left – long dangles, $20. Top right – long dangles with shells, $23. Bottom row, short dangles, $15. Shorter dangles are about 1 1/2″ long, longer ones about 2 1/2″

Along the bottom row of the tray are star earrings, based on a design seen in a newspaper ad in the late 80s. $12 per pair. Earrings are about 3/4″ in diameter, plus or minus a bit.

this photo (right side of tray): gold with mixed purple, mixed blues with gold, red.

this photo (center of tray): green with gold, purple with pink, blue with clear/white

this photo (left of tray): blue with gold, gray with red, and mixed blues with white.

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